Works In Progress

Kb Fairbrooks

Here's a list of my current Work In Progress and their status update for 2017! 

Behind the Eyes of a Child 

Genre; Psychological Horror, Fantasy


Mariko is an average ten-year-old girl with a vivid imagination. She can see terrifying monsters wherever she goes and even claims that her guardian is a demon who slaughtered her family many years ago. However, are these monsters truly just part of her imagination or could they possibly exist?

The Little Girl and Her Tiger (completed and querying now!)

[This story has no image because well, it's a children's book]


A little girl and her tiger who lives on a house that floats in the middle of the ocean. One day, she receives a knock at the door that changes her life as an orphan.

The Ninth Member

Genre: Fantasy, Middle Grade, Comedy


Pluto has suddenly became the youngest member of the Solar Committee. A committee filled with Heroes that save the Galactic Galaxy on a daily basis. Helping the lives of Beings. While Pluto is still new, he decides to help the members of the Solar Committee with their duties which doesnt go very well. He's either too small, or doesnt have enough experience. However, what the Committee doesnt know, is that Pluto is extremely special despite being a child.

Will You Run With The Wolves?

Genre: Second Person, Fantasy, LBGTQ+


This was an experimental work. I wrote it as a second person short story for my currently publisher who was asking for submissions for the One Hundred Tails Volume One. The more I wrote, the more I wondered if it would become a story? Something fun, and unexpected.


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