Return To Dune Towers

Kb Fairbrooks
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She sighed heavily as the platform she hovered on for the past few hours came to a halt. Her long silk green skirt hanging over the platform and her shoulder-length hair was being startled by the kind flowing wind. Her black eyes examined what she hasn't seen since she ran away all those years ago. Dune Towers. The thought crossed her mind that she might see that man who stole her heart from her and she couldn't bare staring into his red eyes again. The feeling of senseless betrayal and blissful ignorance might come back to her mind. How she wished she could go back in time and never fall in love with that demon who turned her in for the monster she truly was. But that was only wishful thinking. You could never go back into the past and change what has already happened. Though, she could always turn around- run away from this place as fast as possible before someone from there sees her. But she couldn't. The one thing that was most precious to her in life had been taken from her and dragged to Dune Towers. She gave out an annoyed sigh, "This is going to be trouble some."

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